Multifunctional, flexible, variable. Andrey Voitko announced the requirements for modern projects.

May 11, 2019 | By admin | 0

Nowadays, architectural urban objects, which combine the functions of office, entertainment, commercial centers and residential buildings, are becoming increasingly in demand. This was announced at the IV Architecture & Design Thinking conference organized by the Ukrainian Real Estate Club (URE Club), reported by Andrey Voitko, founder and owner of the AVG Group of Companies.

According to him, life in the modern urban space is becoming increasingly active and there is a need for city dwellers to save on their emotional, time and financial resources. “People want to work, have fun, live, shop, whenever possible, in the same place,” Andrei Voitko concluded. In his opinion, the main actual requirements to multifunctional spaces are their flexibility and variability, the ability to change the function depending on the changing “scenarios” of the object. He also focused on the fact that in the coming years there will be a steady trend towards the design of multifunctional complexes.

“Since this year the opening of several shopping and entertainment centers is expected, retailers will have a choice of retail space. It is expected that their requirements for objects will be quite stringent. This will lead to the fact that developers will pay attention to more innovative and interesting from an architectural point of view projects. So, new impressive shopping and entertainment centers will appear in our country” summarized Voitko.

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