Crystallum City

Customer | N.D.A.

Residential complex

Area | 96 100 m2
Design | 2019
Implementation | Concept
Ukraine, Kyiv
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Project idea
Nature is the key refference

What is the greatest value for a citizen? In the first quarter of the twenty-first century, the only place where you can escape from external reality and find emotional stability is nature. Architects are trying to make it closer, using bionic trends in the design of entire residential complexes. In this case, the idea of ​​water (splash) in two states of aggregation, normal and frozen, was used. According to the first variation, we have smooth, soft hemispheres, collected around the place where the supposed drop falls. Each of the splashes became the basis for the subsequent shaping of buildings. Since the project provides for an irregularly shaped platform with a separate adjacent element, this was taken into account when the “splashes” fell. The second option was a fallen frozen drop, broken into original crystals. They are collected in a similar “family”, but they carry a completely different mood, structured and dynamic. The idea of ​​triangulation, in simple words, splitting a geometric object into segments, so beloved by the architects of the AVG Group, gained another reading.

Our vision of future

The concept of a residential ultramodern complex could not exist without the exhaustive set of functions necessary to create a comfortable ecosystem. On the stylobate part, which united the “spray” houses, there was a parking and a commercial part, shops, cafes, recreation areas. Convenient layouts, panoramic windows to the central part of the city, art objects on the territory of the complex, modern spaces for children - a set of these advantages will allow the customer to create a competitive offer for investors.

Bionic City

The uniqueness of this residential complex lies in its architectural solution, which significantly distinguishes this object from ordinary buildings. Living space, bestowing calm, comfort and energy, is realized with the help of bionic architecture. The project will allow a well-known developer to strengthen his image in the market, as well as to attract the attention of investors. An attempt to create a residential conglomerate, the prototype of which is part of living nature, is a powerful and original move for solving these tasks.