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Let’s take a look at the Changes №2 to Ukraine’s National Building Code V.2.2-25: 2009 (Catering establishments), which took effect in early June.

“It will be strange to hear, but for almost 30 years of Ukraine’s independence, we finally received the definitions of “fast food” and “food court” for the first time (paragraphs 3.2 and 3.3). It’s hard to find a citizen, who has never used fast food, however, for the designers there was no such definition, and with it the rules and limitations of such establishments.

2nd change – restrooms for people with disabilities, as well as an increase in the number of ladies’ rooms in proportion to the total capacity of restaurants (this will avoid queues at women’s toilets, which in fact should have been done long ago).

The 3rd important change – permission for the arrangement of restaurants and cafes in commercial premises of residential complexes. The legislator has provided for important restrictions – such establishments cannot be equipped with gas appliances, and the number of seats should not exceed 150.

The legislature also took care visitors’ health – prohibiting not only the smoking, but also the designing of individual premises for this.”

Bohdan Marunchak – Head of Project Management Office AVG

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