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In the latest issue of “Business Capital” dated June 23, you can find an overview of the residential real estate market.
According to the editors, for the last 10 years we have been observing a new stage in the residential development in large cities. Millions of tons of gray concrete and faceless buildings are actively diluted with houses with original architectural concepts.
And if five years ago, experts were actively discussing whether architecture affects the level of sales, today even skeptics have no doubt: the architecture of the future Residential Complex is one of the factors that has an active influence on the level of sales.
“It is noteworthy that in an attempt to win a tough competition in the segment of comfort, developers actually provide business class privileges to buyers,” notes Andrey Voitko, founder and owner of the AVG Group.
Significantly more attention was paid to convenient layouts of apartments with a clear zoning; when selling, the emphasis is on the number of rooms, rather than square meters.
Developers are attracted by interesting facade solutions, original entrance groups, exploited roofing, promenades, landscape design elements.
Author’s fountains, sculptures and other art objects, which previously could only afford business and elite class Residential Complexes. Despite the price difference in almost two times per square meter, the infrastructure of the complexes today is not inferior to the business class: protected area and the yard without cars, kindergarten, school, mandatory parking, sports and playgrounds, the presence of a supermarket, cafes and other institutions service industries.
“Five years ago, such architectural planning solutions for creating a holistic habitat were implemented only in the upper classes of housing,” emphasizes Andrey Voitko.
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