East Point

Customer | N.D.A.

East Point

East Point

Shopping Mall

Area | 13 785 m2
Design | 2018
Implementation | Concept
Tbilisi, Georgia
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Project Task

The customer asked to develop a project for a new shopping center in the context of an existing commercial development. The basis was the philosophy of the mountains, the visiting card of Georgia. In this project, AVG Group was the general contractor for architecture.


The architects were inspired by the philosophy of the treasures with which the Georgian mountains are rich. As you know, mountains are a storehouse of precious stones and metals. The stylistic decision of the project was dictated by the shape of a cut diamond - one of the most valuable minerals.The buildings of the shopping center are similar to the mineral with sharp edges, and some of them have a glass roof and walls. The entrance group is a gate of stylized sandstone. Evening lights with changing scenarios of light, like a magnet, attract the eye. Eco-friendly materials and modern technologies raise the project to a new level.


In this project the architects solved several problems at once. First, it successfully complements the existing building, remaining within the framework of a given architectural theme. At the same time, it was possible to update the stylistic decision, which made the complex modern and recognizable. The “chip” of the shopping center was the original entrance group, which will allow the customer to attract a large number of buyers. An important thing - it is possible to realize all the project ideas with the minimum budget.