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Head office


Head office of home control system manufacturer

Area | 300 sq.m.
Design | 3 mo.
Implementation | 2 mo.
Ukraine, Kiev, Dragomirova 4 str.
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Project task
Business task

The representative office of the company was to become not only a business space, but also a showroom, demonstrating the wide capabilities of the smart home system. The customer needed to equip a modern space, which will reflect the company's identity that supports the basic concept of the business.

Space organization

On an area of ​​300 sq. M. housed: workplaces of employees, showroom, meeting room, two reception areas, kitchen, waiting area and executive office with separate entrance, guest toilet and bathroom with shower.The architects of the AVG group of companies were faced with the task of integrating the showroom into the space of a functioning residential complex and to offer a solution that would ensure comfort and safety for all participants in the process - residents of the house, permanent office residents and showroom visitors.The emphasis in the design was on the showroom. All other areas, according to the architects, are intended only to emphasize its importance. For the most efficient organization of business space, it was proposed to diversify the public and work areas using room zoning. For the head office, two entrances were designed - one from the street, the other - from the work area in order to restrict visitors' access to the CEO area.

The working area is located reception area, offices and kitchen. In the main - the public zone: a showroom with the installation of various possibilities of a smart home, a waiting area, a reception desk and a meeting room. In order to optimize the area and reduce the loss-factor in the project, in addition to a transformable glass partition and an isolated CEO cabinet, a well-designed navigation system was introduced inside the office and exhibition space.

s p a c e
Design idea

Loft-style space, reflecting modern trends in the design of residential and public spaces with a bias in eco-design, complemented by natural decorative and finishing materials. The showroom, as a dominant, was highlighted by constructive and decorative solutions - suspended ceiling with LED lamps, made in the form of triangles, which are repeated in the company logo and go in different variations on the walls and floor. The accent wall in the meeting room is made of wooden panels. The glass partition in it visually adds to the space of "air" and at the same time provides the necessary privacy. The low three-meter ceilings in the kitchen, as well as in the rooms, it was decided not to decorate, but to use brutal concrete floors. For the zoning of the space were used light translucent wooden partitions. The reception and the vestibule in the representative area are solved in the high-tech style to emphasize the high adaptability of the “smart home” systems presented in the showroom. In support of this creative concept, the walls and working spaces in the office are decorated with conceptual author paintings, bas-reliefs, and sculptural compositions from ceramics. Thus, the accent wall of the head office is decorated with a high relief - a male torso bursting into a cozy office space from the urban environment, symbolizing the company's non-standard approach to the service and promotion of its high-tech product.