Italian spring

Customer | Private person

Private apartments

Area | 88 m2
Design | 2018
Implementation | 2018
Jack House, Kyiv, Ukraine
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In recently commissioned Jack House, which is an innovation residential complex, AVG group designers created interiors of several apartments.One of them was designed for a young woman who prefers light European style. The designers suggested to her the interiors which reflect her lifestyle and stylistic preferences.


Designers have chosen light pastel, powdery tones. In the bedroom, there was a recreation area and a lounge area, for which different light scenarios were designed. In order to save space, the designers placed a dressing room along the corridor from the hall to the bedroom. In the apartment, the designers organized two bathrooms - one with a spa area, the other - with a bathroom and built-in appliances.The rest of the apartment is an open space with different life scenarios - a kitchen, a dining room, a bar area, a lounge area, which is separated from the rest of the space by a fireplace.