La Manche

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La Manche

La Manche


Area | 38 000 m2
Design | 2017 - 2018
Implementation | 2018 - 2022
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Designers have made several proposals for facade solutions. They did not take Soviet neoclassicism, which in its own way interprets classical architecture. They did not take any particular mansion or palazzo. Rather, it was about sensations, about the ability of architecture to convey a sense of confidence, peace, respectability and family values. They turned to the original source, based on the traditional Italian buildings in Venice. The architecture of France and England also served as a historical refrain. Designers wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the Parisian boulevards in spring, the banks of the Seine, French glitter, the relaxed mood characteristic of this country. They planned boutiques and cafes at the bottom of the building, which is typical of the French neighborhoods, creating a convenient infrastructure for residents.

Space organization

Special attention was paid to the territory adjacent to the house. Hem is known for its dense buildings. For designers, this meant that every meter in the area around the complex should have been thought out and used to the point. The territory of the complex includes parking lots, walks, landscaped grounds. In order to realize the plan, the level was raised to the podium, under which they placed the underground garage. Above the parking lot there is a courtyard, protected as much as possible with comfortable and clear navigation, landscaping, recreational and recreation areas, a walking area for dogs. When planning the apartments, the interests of residents of different ages and groups were taken into account as much as possible.

One of the original options suggested a lighter construction, the second - a somewhat more stringent building. Customers liked certain parts and elements from various projects proposed by designers. They were combined into the final version, creating the feeling of a building that exists outside of a certain time and outside a particular country. Were selected traditional materials that could successfully convey the features of the classical style - marble, wood, porcelain, galvanized metal.

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Project Result

Facade and landscape solutions, interiors, as well as the project of the local area took into account the lifestyle, interests and needs of potential buyers of apartments. They are designed for people who traveled a lot, saw a lot of different countries, had the opportunity to live in countries with different prevailing styles. They have already made their choice, they know exactly what house they want to live in.