Customer | UKRBUD

Head office


Head office of the largest Ukrainian developer

Area | 2200 m2
Design | 2018
Implementation | 2018
Kyiv, Pushkinskaya str., 27
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Project task
Business task

Create the interior of the main sales office of UKRBUD for the formation of the company's image as fast-growing, open to innovation.

Space organization

The flagship office of the corporation is in Kiev. The sales office, various departments and the management unit of UKRBUD are located on eight floors. The ground floor is completely dedicated to representative functions. It hosts exhibitions, training seminars and a showroom, where the stand of UKRBUD partner CLAP, a supplier of smart systems for the home, is demonstrated. High ceilings (2.6 m) allowed to implement a spectacular entrance area. Reception desk of chipboard Egger, as well as all built-in furniture, made to order.The ultramodern interior is made in a building that is over 60 years old. The designers had to deal with an inflexible layout, dilapidated floors, uneven surfaces, differences in floor heights, so the project involved a kind of reconstruction. For example, in order to install the veneers on the first floor, together with the engineers, all the mounting options were developed, the frame was strengthened and the installation frequency of the dowels was calculated.

s p a c e
Design idea

Design work and implementation were carried out in an ultra-short time - 8 months. Presentable and spectacular oblige: the project used a record number of wide-format plates made of Laminam quartz (1500 sq. M.) And 586 linear meters of LED strips. The lighting solution was developed with particular care, it laid technical innovation and innovation of the project.On the first floor, many LED lights were used in profiles of different sections on the walls, columns, and ceiling, highlighting the geometry of the space and zoning it with the help of light. In the corridors of the second and fourth floors, in the door portals and baseboards used LED-backlight of the warm spectrum. The interior of the executive ground floor was created with the aim of promoting the company and its real estate objects, so the ultra-thin LED monitors were grouped so that the broadcast of visual information went to the entire area of ​​the large wall.At night, the windows of the first floor in the hall with columns are transformed into projection canvases thanks to smart glasses. Their chambers are filled with special gas, which becomes transparent when in contact with electricity. The image on them broadcast five projectors. In the future, in the center of the hall they plan to install a monochrome layout of one of the buildings under construction and also nontrivially highlight it from four projectors. The appearance in the project of touch-panels and virtual reality rooms complemented the image of a dynamic, growing company.

Ready project

The existing layout of the building did not give an opportunity to realize everything that was planned, however, the main tasks - comfortable placement of all the UKRBUD services, using the space with maximum efficiency, creating a multifunctional flagship office, were performed. The project was implemented in record time. In the development of the concept and the search for the most successful solutions for placement, the customer himself took part. Technical solutions provide visitors with complete information about the company's activities and its leading position in the Ukrainian real estate market.