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Office GT

Head office of Group of Companies engaged in trading and transit of liquefied petroleum gases.

Area | 989 sq.m.
Design | 2015
Implementation | 2016-2017
Evgeniya Konovaltsa st. 36-d, Kiev, Ukraine 01133
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Project task
Business task

Create a new office for the expanded IT department of the company. It was necessary that the office, which was sufficiently presentable and reflecting the specifics of the company, besides the workplaces, had lounge areas, rooms for meetings with customers and employees, a place for active recreation. Visitors here needed easy to understand navigation.

Space organization

The building has a non-standard layout spread out on two wings almost at a right angle and curved facades. The layout predetermined the division of the office into two parts. The first covers the reception area and includes common areas: a wardrobe, a kitchen, toilets, a room for sports, as well as open space with places for employees, a meeting room and a lounge area.

The second part is separated by a glass partition with access control system. Here are the cash desk, the archive, a convertible negotiation room, the office of the CEO and another open space with places for employees and with a special space in the center - a winter garden, which serves for recreation and informal negotiations.

s p a c e
Design idea

Customers asked to reflect the company's value in the office design: focus on the development of the country, openness to customers. In the reception zone there is a perforated panel depicting a map of Ukraine with ornaments characteristic of these regions of the country.A yellow pipe passing through a concrete ceiling with open communications symbolizes the company's specialization and serves as navigation for visitors.Concrete walls and dark ceilings create a neutral background. The viewing spaces and glass partitions are responsible for the openness and transparency of the company. The lighting was thought out separately for each functional area and combines spot spots and linear lights.One of the most interesting decisions was the creation of a green oasis in the center of one of the open-spaces with the supply of irrigation systems, high-quality waterproofing and water diversion.

Ready project

The main task of the architect in this project was to create comfortable conditions for the company's employees working in this space. Competently distribute the functional zones and the interaction between them, as well as introduce the company's personality into the space. A successful feature of the project is the creation of a friendly environment that promotes productive work and carries a creative charge. And frankly, this object was the most interesting, as the customers themselves are very creative people, who are well versed in new design world directions.

Our goal was to get the space conceptually closest to the modern interiors in which employees from the field of IT technologies work. To this end, we set a goal for architects and designers of the AVG group to create a transforming space, with the potential for change from the very beginning, which would include lounge areas, spaces for meetings with customers and employees of GT, space for active recreation. We also wanted the office to be as comfortable as possible for visitors, for which we set the goal of creating a convenient and understandable navigation system.