Customer | N.D.A.

Residential Complex

Area | 44 400 m2
Design | 2019
Implementation | Concept
Ukraine, Kyiv
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Business Task
Mixed-Use Complex

The customer set the task to create a comfortable space for the life of a modern person. The name offered by him became the starting point for the development of the concept of a residential complex, in which it was necessary to enter a commercial zone, as well as create comfortable conditions for the rest of its residents.

The project

Designing the residential complex on a hilly relief, the architects took care of all necessary functional areas. Inconvenient from the point of view of the landscape, platforms became additional places for retail, cafes, etc. Parking, commercial area, leisure areas for children and adults have formed a cozy and relaxed habitat. The removal of playgrounds and underground parking made it possible to create a quiet cozy courtyard, without vehicles and children's noise. Original spaces for children are created near the supporting walls, they are equipped with walls for climbing. Bicycle paths and walking areas are also thought out in the complex.

On the stylobate part you can see a sites for thematic recreation, such as barbecues, gazebos, and places for yoga. If desired, tenants can spend general leisure in the courtyard. A great view platform has been created here to contemplate the panorama of the Dnipro river! Eco-friendly look into the future taken into account - the facades are decorated with natural materials - German gray brick and travertine. Color accents were playgrounds, shops, arboreta and other amenities. The highlight of the complex was its versatility and implementation in a compact space. The commercial part is well integrated into the project's philosophy. "Visionary" is designed for people who value inner comfort and have their own view of the world!

s p a c e
The result

The concept of the residential complex is based on the harmonious interaction of the human mind and subconsciousness, which made it possible to create an environment that is comfortable for a visionary person’s life .