AVG team
Concerted efforts of associates lie at the heart of every success. The credit for our success goes to Andrey Voytko, the founder and the owner of the AVG group of companies, and also to each member of the team. Awareness and support that have arisen after years of teamwork and as a result of hundreds of completed projects have created a unique atmosphere at the company. We legitimately call ourselves a family. The AVG Family.
p e o p l e
Андрей Войтко

Основатель и собственник

Екатерина Новицкая

Управляющий партнер

Ekateryna Poludenna

Head of AVG Design

Zakhar Kozolii

Concept design deputy CEO

Vyacheslav Pavlukov

Head of Architecture Department

Alexey Sokolovskiy

Head of BIM Department